Tel Aviv International Salon is the largest speakers’ forum in Israel. The Salon serves as a nonpartisan, honest broker that brings top leaders and decision makers to speak in English to Tel Aviv’s community of young professionals, Olim, foreign press, and global diplomatic embassy staff. The Salon provides a unique opportunity to learn, debate and discuss a wide range of challenging topics, including Israeli and global politics, economics, social, media, cultural, Jewish, & environmental issues, since 2009.


We know that vibrant discourse on the fundamental issues facing our nation is the best way to get young people engaged in civil society. Only through education can we have a next generation that is able to effect positive change in Israel and the world.

Beyond hosting fascinating individual speakers, the Salons also produces a few genre specific series. The Great Debate Series brings together two opposing experts on controversial issues relevant for today. The Business Leader Series hosts the market makers in Israel to discuss finance, economy, and various business sectors. The Ambassador Series is hosted in foreign ambassador’s private residences for receptions and intimate talks on international issues with the Tel Aviv young adult community.